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This is the web site your doctor doesn't want you to read. It expounds the "dangerous" idea that how you feel is in large part determined by what you eat and how you live. It explores ways that nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle choices may help improve your general health and specifically help regulate the function of your thyroid.

This web site is an ongoing exploration. It is not intended to be a medical diagnosis, nor do we dispute the fact that many people need prescription drugs or hormone replacement. We simply want to explore what safe, natural options exist which may build up your body and improve your health and thus help your thyroid function better and help you feel better.

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The Thyroid Health Homepage has provided this material for informational purposes only. We do not prescribe and we do not diagnose. If you use the information on this website without the approval of a health professional, you prescribe for yourself, which remains your constitutional right, but neither the author nor the Thyroid Health Homepage assume any responsibility.

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